Escape-Attic by RunAway - ESCAPE ROOM

Adrenaline, excitement, joy and fun?

You are on the best way to get those feelings straight away

Closed room. Race against time. You and 60 minutes …

our room

Escape-Attic by RunAway - ESCAPE ROOM

Zavolejte svým kamarádům, sestře, bratrovi, komukoli kdo je pro vás nejlepší parťák a vyzkoušejte naší únikovou hru vytvořenou ve spolupráci s RunAway.

our room

Jak funguje naše úniková hra?

  • For Escape game build your team 2 to 5 people.
  • Please come 10 minutes in advance.. Dostanete instruktáž a poté hra začíná 🙂
  • You will find yourself in a room that will carry you into the plot of our story.
  • You have 60 minutes to solve a sequence of puzzles and codes using various clues and objects that you find in the room
  • Do not forget that is a team game. It depends on your cooperation, your skills and the cleverness. Can you handle it?
  • Unfortunately we can not and do not want to say more otherwise it would spoil the surprise (as you will see) .
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For whom are the escape rooms?

Our escape rooms can try every playful and competitive adult and even children

For friends

Bring your team and fight down this challenge in the best possible time. If you have gone through all the festivals, museums and other attractions and still are looking for something different and new, believe that our game is the right thing for you.

For families

Hledáte tip na rodinný výlet? Místnost plná hádanek a zámků bude určitě ta, kterou si Vaše děti zamilují a zapamatují. Kdo by neměl rád záhady a tajemství? Ty fascinují každého, ať mladého či starého 🙂

For companies

Live escape game is perfect as a teambuilding for group of colleagues. Exciting entertainment where colleagues will test the skills and abilities of each other. It’s the way to get to know and understand their team roles.

We offer you packages with benefits and on your request we can prepare something to eat.