How much time does it take?

Time limit of the game itself is 60 minutes. Before, the game we brief your team so we need you to come 10 minutes earlier. After you manage to escape from the room, you can tell us your feelings, opinions, have some refreshing soft drink, coffee or tea. Total time will not take more than 1,5 hour.

How scary is it?

The game is more enigmatic and mysterious than scary. No need to worry about any snakes or spiders. It’s just a game and that’s it.

What is the minimum age of players?

Anyone can play with us. Children, adults and seniors. Some puzzles can be difficult for children, but most parents cooperate and help their children. The condition is that the children are accompanied by adults. It depends on your judgment whether the child is old enough to play this game.

We don't speak Czech, can we play anyway?

No problem. Puzzles and clues are explained in English too. If you need our help, we can speak English.


Vezměte si příjemné oblečení, ve kterém se budete cítit dobře při naší hře. Doporučujeme vzít s sebou sportovní boty na přezutí 🙂